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It is no secret why we are known as the preferred slide topper & window awning fabric supplier to RV owners. During our 10 year history we became known in the RV industry as the innovators. Our constant prototype work has led us to become the first slide topper manufacturer to make reversible toppers. We also were the first in the Nation to incorporate PTFE thread, extra wide side seams, custom depth sizing, real life testing in harsh environments, double perimeter stitching and locked triple stitched center seams. These constant innovations is why RV'ers trust our product and why we are known as the leaders in slide topper and awning fabric replacements. Our competitors make it a habit to look to us for new ways to make awning products and then try and imitate what we do.

We take great pride  in our products along with careful attention to detail. Our triple quality check helps us deliver a perfect fitting flawless product every time. Our entire goal is to deliver a fabric replacement that will provide years of service to the owner and we deliver this through careful selection of materials and meticulous attention to details. We are known by discerning RV owners for our specific use of the very best materials available. CoachGuard, the worlds’ number one premium acrylic fabric, Solarfix lifetime thread, developed by NASA and now employed in select industries and our own polyvinyl fabric, Migliore, the heaviest vinyl topper in North America weighing 19.0 oz. We go to great lengths to source our materials from Europe and beyond because our customers deserve the very best and it is our mission to deliver a fabric product that is second to none.

If you want a fabric replacement that will go the distance and provide years of worry free service then please consider contacting us for a no obligation free quote.  We are a family owned company and we enjoy our niche in the marketplace. Working directly with the many RV and Motorcoach owners and delivering exceptional customer service is at the heart of our business. We like the ability to custom-make one slide topper or awning at a time, carefully and with pride. We let the bigger companies crank out the mass produced cheap fabric products. It has always been our goal to adhere to our tradition of working directly with our customers to give them the best custom made fabric replacement and customer service that money can buy. Speaking of money, you will be surprised at just how competitive our prices are. You can always find a cheaper fabric replacement but you will never find a quality fabric replacement like ours. When comparing prices be sure to compare warranties. The Stone Vos warranty proves our replacements last much longer than any of our competitors which is why no one can match our warranty. The old saying is very evident in regards to slide toppers and awnings...... Buy quality once instead of buying cheaper alternatives twice.

Quality & Excellence - Every Job - Every Time.



** I'm so thrilled to find a company with a superior product and superb customer service. I found the quality of the topper material I purchased from Stone Vos to be the best I have found. I must also express my gratitude to Ingrid for her assistance and expertise in getting the right product for our coach. Save yourself a lot of time and put a fabric on your RV that will actually last ! Thanks Stone Vos

John J

** I am a certified master RV tech who has installed thousands of toppers in my career. I have installed all of the manufacturers awnings and topper fabric replacements including Tough Tops, Shade Pro, Carefree, Girard and many others. None of them match the quality of the fabric replacements from Stone Vos.

Simply put, they are the best on the market. I gladly give this testimonial and now source all of my fabric replacements through them.

Jeff   Phoenix. AZ

**  Stone Vos made the toppers for our Imperial and the difference in quality between others is night and day. Their prompt service was extra ordinary as was their attention to detail.

Bob  - Seattle, Washington

**  I heard about these slide toppers from members in our RV Association and decided to place my order. They did a phenomenal job from start to finish. They even arranged for a local dealer in their area to install them for us. A 1 service and a product that is second to none.

John  -  Atlanta, Georgia

**  We wanted to update our coach and go with different colors for our window awnings and slide toppers. Stone Vos provided input and different color combinations for us to choose from. They also provided input into our color selection. The end product was a fabric color that really enhanced our coach colors. They came out perfect and we could not be happier. Thank you Stone Vos.

Jeff & Debbie  -   Ft. Meyers, Florida

**  What an awesome product. The Sattler fabric is amazing and the stitching incredible. You can see and feel the difference and the quality. So Glad I choose these people to make my slide toppers.

Joe  -  Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

**  We needed new toppers for our motorcoach and was leery of the manufacturers replacement toppers after hearing stories of early thread failures. Our research led us to Stone Vos and after careful consideration we selected them to make our fabric replacements. We were so happy with what we received that we had them make new window awnings as well. Hats off to these people for their excellent service and product.

Jim & Sue  -  Phoenix, Arizona

**  We got our toppers and had them installed this week at the local dealer. The installation went well and the technicians were very impressed with the way they were made. They look great and we are looking forward to many years of worry free service from them. This is our second set as the first set which we got through a dealer lasted only two years before the thread broke. Thank you for your great service and providing us with such amazing topper fabric. We enjoyed working with you and will pass your name on to our friends.


Robert & Barbara  -  Rochester, New York

** Just replaced my slide toppers with Stone Vos Migliore vinyl. I couldn't be happier with the fabric and their service. Great company to deal with

Scott - Lafayette, Texas



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