Fabric Choices

Stone Vos offers two separate fabric choices, Acrylic & Vinyl. If your not sure which is the best for your RV we encourage you to first read about the differences between the two fabrics. You can read that section by clicking below on the appropriate icon.


Sattler Acrylic Fabric:

Sattler is manufactured in Austria under stringent quality standards. Sattler Corporation employs a special weaving process which eliminates stretching and shrinkage. This acrylic fabric is made using premium fibers from Turkey unlike some manufacturers who source cheaper fibers from China.
Sattler fabric is manufactured and then finished with UV Ray inhibitors using their specialized formulas which enhances the longevity. This fabric is considered the number one acrylic in the world as it out performs all other acrylics on the market. It is the number one choice of yacht owners in Europe and along the Mediterranean. Stone Vos is the only fabric replacement maker in North America that utilizes Sattler fabric for their awnings and slide toppers. In addition we have partnered with Sattler Corp and import directly first run fabric from their factory. It does not pass through 2 and 3 brokers where counterfeit fabrics can be utilized and we do not accept bargain priced fabric with flaws. This fabric choice is just one of many attributes which sets Stone Vos apart from our competitors. Sattler comes with a 10 year warranty.

Migliore Vinyl:

Migliore® is a Stone Vos exclusive and is manufactured exclusively for us and to our exceptionally high standards. Unlike some of the cheap vinyl from China that some of our competitors use, Migliore is manufactured to strict standards in Europe. No other canvas shop or awning facility has Migliore as it is a brand owned by Stone Vos. Migliore is a poured poly vinyl ( PVC ) that weighs 19 ozs. It is the heaviest vinyl topper fabric in North America. Its qualities are numerous, including an incredible grab tensile strength of 750 lbs x 655 lbs, a cold crack rating of minus - 30 degrees and it is also specially treated to prevent Mildew and protect against UV Rays. Because it is a poured vinyl it will never delaminate. It is an all around perfect vinyl for cold weather and snow as well as warm weather and high winds.

Because of its specialized internal polyester weave an accidental cut to the edge will not result in further ripping. Because Migliore is a poured poly vinyl delamination will not occur unlike our competitors vinyl offerings which delaminate and peel. One other benefit of Migliore toppers is that they are an easy fabric to clean and maintain. Our toppers made with Migliore are the most rugged awnings in the industry and able to handle snow loads, wind loads and the abuse that topper assemblies can create during operation. And if that isn't enough, Migliore passes stringent military standards. If your considering replacing your slide toppers, consider our low maintenance and rugged Migliore vinyl. Migliore comes with a 5 year warranty and is sewn with our lifetime PTFE thread.



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