Color Offerings

Stone Vos has the largest color offerings of any awning and slide topper company in the USA. While we do our best to enhance each photo below so it represents its true color, screen resolutions vary  and some fabrics may not be exactly as shown below. Also please remember identical colors may vary slightly with each new factory production run and dye lot. 

We do all we can to match our customers current colors and since most original OEM colors are still available to us, matching your current colors is not a problem. If you are not sure about your fabric color please contact us as we will gladly send you free fabric samples for you to use in matching. 

We do specialize in custom color changes as well. If you do not like your current color, call us to discuss some color options. Listed below are our most popular color options but we have a vast amount of custom colors as well which are not listed. As always, Stone Vos never charges for solid color options. We will gladly send out color samples to you upon request. It is our goal to make sure you are satisfied with your order and this includes selecting the right fabric type as well as the color. Please contact us if you should need assistance or have questions.


CoachGuard Acrylic Color Offerings

Migliore Color Offerings





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