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History of Stone Vos LLC:

“ How did the name Stone Vos originate?"  We get asked this question often and proudly explain how we arrived at our name.

Stone Vos came from our desire to honor our paternal grandmothers, Mrs. Sarah Stone, and Mrs. Anneke Vos.  We found it very fitting as these two women born in the late 1800’s were truly loyal, honest, ethical and compassionate, hard working ladies.  Their values of yesteryear are the same values we share at Stone Vos today. They both raised families during some very difficult times in our history including Sarah raising her children during the great depression and Anneke raising her family in the Netherlands during World War II and the occupation of the Nazis.

We are honored to carry on our family names with our company and are confident that both of our grandmothers would be proud of our accomplishments and the quality in each product we sell as well as the ethical way we conduct our business.

Stone Vos began operations in 2006 as an upholstery company that specialized in RV upholstery services and products. From our high quality no sag solar screens to our slide topper and awning fabric replacements, our entire focus has been serving RV owners with high quality, long lasting products.
Since 2006 we have grown to become the Nation’s leader in fabric replacements for RVs. We are proud of our reputation among the RV community as a reliable, high quality fabric replacement supplier. Ongoing positive mentions from our customers can be found on many RV forums. Our reputation as an honest company driven by high ethical standards is the foundation to our success.

We also believe in giving back to the RV community and our compassion for others allows us to support select charities, seniors and veterans. We are true believers in helping RV’ers save money by do it yourself project work. This is why we put forth a great deal of our time, energy and revenue in educating coach owners. This includes our popular seminars conducted for individual RV association members at their respective rallies in addition to our educational videos and ongoing tech support lines.  We enjoy working with DIY’ers and provide technical assistance and instructions whenever one of our customers wants to install their own fabric replacements. Through years of research and working with experts in the industry we are proud of our reputation as being known as slide topper and awning experts.

Our expertise does not end with the fabric but also encompasses awning and slide topper assemblies. Our customer service is second to none as we go the extra mile to assist our customers in every way we can. We take great pride in being known as the Nation’s leader in customer service, length of warranty and superior fabric replacements.

Our mission is quite simple—to supply the motorcoach owner with the highest quality products available in addition to providing exceptional customer service. We understand the inherent costs associated with RV ownership. This is why we produce products that outlast all others. We go the extra mile to ensure we meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and to deliver a product that will last for many years. Our entire focus is on providing the best product you can buy and maintaining our reasonable price structure and outstanding customer service. As our slogan states:

“Quality & Excellence—Every Job—Every Time”


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